Tulips in Washington

Washington state has a thriving farming industry, concentrating mostly on apples, pears, wheat, cherries, and potatoes. This time of year the main crops are tulips and daffodils, and they have bloomed with a vengeance. Before they're harvested, the annual tulips festival draws large crowds to take pictures and enjoy the views.

Combinator at the Hard Rock Cafe

Good friends of mine Sean, Isaac, and Greg recently played the Hard Rock Cafe in their funk/rock band Combinator. Great show with some memorable moments and great energy throughout the whole set. Pictures from the show below.


Here in Seattle, everyone is extremely proud of the Seahawks and their recent win of the Superbowl. I didn't have the opportunity to attend the game, but I did spend plenty of time in Seattle bars with fans leading up to the big win.

When the 49ers played the Seahawks for the NFC championship, they put up a much better fight than the Broncos did at the Super Bowl. They seem to know Seattle well and quite a few fans showed up to show their support.

So many fans were in town, in fact, that an entire downtown bar was filled to capacity with 49ers jerseys. The Seattle police wisely protected the out of town 'guests' from the local fans.

It was difficult to measure exactly, but somewhere between 700k and 1 million Seahawks fans celebrated Seattle's first Super Bowl win. Streets were closed, a parade of military vehicles carrying Seahawks players kept people cheering as they made their way down to the stadium for speeches. Parking your car? Not an option. But if you made it down there, it was worth the effort to see nearly a million ecstatic fans smiling the whole time.